baby chick

One of Julie's trademarks is photographing newborns in their own home. All of the images in our newborn gallery are of babies in their own nursery, or a special nook in their home. Even the images that have a "studio look" were captured in their own home with the fabrics and backdrops that Julie brings. We believe this adds a personal touch to your newborn images that will forever be a favorite memory. The nursery that was a labor of love for months is finally complete with the addition of your precious babe, and that is worth capturing! When we schedule your newborn session, we will discuss which rooms in your home you would like to capture, which props you would like to use, your color scheme, and make a general plan for your session. Julie arrives well stocked with the many, (Many!) goodies that we store for our newborn sessions. She brings a wide selection of fabrics to wrap babies in and lay them on, as well as bows for girls, bow ties for boys, hats, baskets, cocoons, decorative pillows, bowls, and even a vintage stroller (available upon request!) Our sessions offer a combination of lifestyle, natural images within your home, and the classic, posed images on backgrounds of your little one all squished and snuggly.  

For those tiny babes still curled from the womb, the ideal portrait time is when they are less than 7 days old. We use the softest of materials to surround them with and prefer their naked, bare skin for the optimal session in this brief, precious window of newborn-ness. If you have a monogrammed blanket, or other items which are personalized for your baby, we encourage you to have those on hand for the photos as a marker of their size next to your newborn. Personal keepsakes are a sweet reminder to include in your baby's photo session. Julie likes to incorporate the parents and siblings into many of the captures as well. Toddler siblings will be photographed at the beginning of the session with the family all together, and then also alone with the baby for some sibling captures. Then they can be released back into their wild toddler world as soon as possible! :)

Parents are photographed individually with the baby, and then of course many images of just the baby by his/herself.

Newborn sessions typically last anywhere from 3 to 5 hours, allotting ample time for feeding and soothing your baby. As you know, life is on their schedule now!

If you would like to show off your precious bundle to family and friends, we have a variety of birth announcements from which to choose and customize.

* See our "Baby's 1st Year" section for details on our 3-session Chickadee Plan which offers a savings when we capture your little one 3 times in their first year of life for all those sweet milestones.*