Julie Birdseye

My first camera was a gift from my parents for my 7th birthday. It was the long, skinny, rectangular one that took 110 film - the pink version that was perfectly 1980s. My first subject was my little brother posing with my stuffed dolls in my room. (I still have those prints in my possession!) I remember constantly asking my parents for more film as I took that little camera everywhere and used it all the way up to high school! I filled my bedroom walls, (literally covered them!) in photos of my friends and loved ones. One wall in my room had every square inch filled with photos taped to it, edge to edge, using masking tape. (Those prints are now quite sticky and stuck together in a photo box in my current hall closet!) 

I joined the yearbook staff in high school and that's where my real love affair began. I love storytelling. I love that photos convey a story without the use or need of words. I love history and preserving it. I love families, children, and love. 

Photography captivated my heart so much that I knew I had to pursue it in college. In 2004, I graduated from the University of North Texas with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Photojournalism.  (A little fun fact - I was the last graduating class that was taught solely on film! I didn't start shooting digital until 2006.)

I had been photographing portraits and weddings off and on for friends and acquaintances since 2000, as well as working for 3 different commercial chain portrait studios, but it was in 2007 when Birdseye Photography finally became an official business. It has been my heart's desire ever since. Well, up until the 3 little men that have recently staked their claim in my capacity to love: Isaac (5), Case (3), and River (1).

I am definitely a Mommy first now that we have our boys, but it makes me smile that my love for photographing children was what drove me to start this business before I even had children of my own. It's come full circle for me. Now I totally understand your side of the lens, getting your family ready for picture day! That is why when you arrive to your session, I am there to take care of the rest. Playing and joy is my #1 goal in every session! I want to capture the essence and happiness of your children and family. I want to tell your story.

As your family's personal photojournalist, I strive to create images which are natural, candid, and authentic, using my "Birdseye view".